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Beef Newsletter - November 12th 2008
Wednesday 12th November 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

West Bound Threat: The Journey of Bluetongue
Emerging in South Africa over 125 years ago, the bluetongue virus spilled into the Mediterranean basin and spread North beyond the tropic and subtropic regions until it reached European shores. Now, BTV6, the EU's third strain has been detected in Holland. Are these outbreaks a sign of things to come? asks Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Economic Impacts of Regulatory Responses to BSE
Using Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) as an example, this paper by the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service demonstrates the pervasiveness of the effects of restrictive feed policies and regulations, particularly as they relate to meat and bone meal and other protein feeds.
Market Cow and Bull Management and Marketing
Surveys of Mississippi cow-calf operations indicate that mature cows and bulls make up 85 per cent and 89 per cent of the cattle in breeding herds on operations with fewer than 100 head and greater than 250 head, respectively, says Jane A. Parish, Justin D. Rhinehart and John D. Anderson. This feature was published by the Mississippi State University Extension Service.
Meat and Meat Products: A Global Market Analysis
World food prices have fallen farther and faster than can be explained through production gains alone. Underlying the price slide are other important factors, including the financial crisis and the halving of world crude oil prices. Here, the FAO Food Outlook market analysis describes how meat and meat products are performing on this global stage.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
US meat production seems to be down all round this month, falling slightly behind expectations, says the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) from the USDA.
Beef: World Markets and Trade
For the first time in 9 years, global production is forecast to fall albeit less than 1 per cent (295,000 tons) as modest increases in Brazil, China and India were more than offset by declines in the EU-27, Argentina, Australia and Russia, reports the United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service.
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
* Company News

EUROTIER REPORT: CID LINES Launches Bioprotexion
GERMANY: Hygiene solutions company CID LINES launched a new programme for food safety on farm in the Bioprotexion Box at EuroTier.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


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   European Union

 » European Veterinary Week Raises Border Awareness
 » MEPs and MPs Discuss Future Health of CAP
 » EU Must Keep Its Nerve on CAP Health Check

   United States

 » AFBF: Reaction to Passage of Prop. 2
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 » Lasting Influence of BSE on U.S. Protein Feed Markets
 » Making US Exports More Effective
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 » Agricultural Air Quality Task Force Assembled
 » The Future of GM Animals Today
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 » Not All DDGS Made Equal Says Purdue Research
 » US Documentary Challenges Welfare Perceptions
 » USDA Releases 2007 US Animal Health Report
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 » PhD Student Grabs Cattle Study by the Horns
 » Credit Squeeze on Australian Meat Exports
 » Preventive Strategies to Help Animal Industry
 » 2nd Generation Fuels Promise Feed Market Relief
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DuPont Animal Health Solutions
   United Kingdom

 » Defra and Livestock Industry Announce UKECP
 » BTV-6 ‘Could Spread Unchecked for a Year’
 » NFU to Hold TB Eradication Group to Agreed Terms
 » UK Guidance on Country of Origin
 » Forum Rallies Support Against Animal Disease
 » Paid Cattle Prices Now More Than Quotes Offered
 » No Need for Panic Over Curly Calf Syndrome
 » NBA Plot Coordinated Attack on Suckler Infertility
 » Ireland Prepare for High Liver Fluke Levels


 » 13th Mad Cow Case Blames Bad Feed
 » Counting the Value of Grazing Grass in Canada
 » Canadian Beef Pushes to Re-open Korean Market


 » Bright Future Ahead for Botswana Beef


 » Ireland in Support of Veterinary Week 2008


 » EUROTIER REPORT: Meeting Agricultural Challenges
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