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Dairy Newsletter - 7th November 2008
Friday 7th November 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Proposition 2 - New Rules on Animal Welfare
Controversial animal welfare legislation was given the green light in California on 4 November at the same time that Barack Obama was being voted into office as the President of the USA, writes TheCattleSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Meeting Consumers' Food Safety Expectations
Consumers expect convenience and quality when they are buying food and particularly meat and that quality means safety and good eating quality, writes TheCattleSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Turnover: Symptom or Disease
Ask a few dozen agricultural managers what their largest human resource management issue is and chances are a good many of them are going to say, “Turnover!”, writes Sarah L. Fogleman of Kansas State Research and Extension. This feature was taken from the proceedings of the High Plains Dairy Conference.
USDA Dairy and Products Annual Reports 2008
This article provides the dairy and cattle industry data from the USDA FAS Dairy and Products Semi-Annual 2008 reports. This week's report is for Argentina.
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* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News


» BSE NEWS: Mad Cow Case Blames Bad Feed
» FMD NEWS: Botswana Eradication Plans Costs P19m
» BLUETONGUE: BTV-6 to Spread Unchecked for a Year?
» Record Harvest but Troubles Loom Ahead

European Union

» EC Forced to Reconsider Dairy Regulations?
» MEPs and MPs Discuss Future Health of CAP


» Extension of Manure Spreading Period Confirmed

United States

» AFBF: Encouraging New Rules for CAFO's
» Beef Hormones Dispute: US Considers Tariff Raise
» Kentucky Conference to Address Rising Costs
» NCBA Claim Success in Clean Water Act
» Prop. 2: 'Monumental Victory for Farm Animals'
» Illinois Dairy Farmers Face Negative Profit
» Illinois Uni Turning Around the Dairy Downturn
» Lasting Influence of BSE on U.S. Protein Feed Markets
» Weekly Outlook: Corn and Soybean Price Recovery
» Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Demand for Beef Weak
» Weekly Roberts Report
Claas - Time for new rules
United Kingdom

» Fall in UK Meat Consumption
» Bluetongue Vaccine Cost Concerns
» NADIS Veterinary Report and Forecast - October 2008
» Cattle Handling Clinics at First English Winter Fair
» Eradication Group: Defra Take on Bovine TB
» Against the Grain: UK Food Supply at Risk
» Northern Ireland Warning Over BTV6
» Defra and Livestock Industry Announce UKECP
» New Head Brings Experience to UK Feed Industry
» NFU to Hold TB Eradication Group to Agreed Terms
» Forum Rallies Support Against Animal Disease


» NSW Dairy Project for Water and Energy Efficiency
» Brains pay in Australian BSE research
» How Emissions Trading will Effect Orange Region
» Unity Towards Improvement of Regional Biosecurity
» Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
New Zealand

» NZ Unwinding DNA to Test Dairy for Eczema
» New Zealand Issue New Draft Code of Animal Welfare


» Dairy Cattle Housing and Welfare at EuroTier
» EuroTier 2008: Solutions for Chinese Ag Sectors
» EuroTier: From Hoof Health to Cow Comfort
» Russia and Ukraine's Co-operative Venture


» Investors Platform VIV Russia 2009


» DDGS Sees Success in Chilean Dairy Trials
DuPont Animal Health Solutions

» Botswana Eradication Plans Costs P19m


» 130 Producers Closed in Melamine Milk Scandal


» Birth of Technique Selects Newborn Breeding Value


» Argentine Cow Clones May Help Boost Milk Output


» 13th Mad Cow Case Blames Bad Feed
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That's all for this week!



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