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Beef Newsletter - 8th October 2008
Wednesday 8th October 2008
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This week's Book Focus

Lameness in Cattle
Author(s): Chris Watson - Forward by David Logue

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Gut Efficiency: the Key Ingredient in Ruminant Production
Author(s): Sylvie Andrieu and David Wilde

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Buy Poultry Breeds and Management Cattle: A Handbook to the Breeds of the World
Author: Valerie Porter

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Traceability and Quality to Meet Consumer Expectations
Consumers are expecting more from the products they eat than they used to, writes TheCattleSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Improved Variants of Forage Lead to Energy Efficiency
The efficient use of energy and nitrogen is of increasing importance to the average producer as they strive to get higher returns from forage. To help them achieve this new benchmark of efficiency improved variants of forage are being produced, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
A Closer Look at US CAFOs and the Data Void
Animal feeding operations in the United States have shot up by 230 per cent in the last twenty years. These large and crowded farm practises often lead to high levels of waste and inevitable pollution, but whilst trying to measure just how serious the issue has become, the Environmental Protection Agency faced an initial problem of collecting appropriate data, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Distillers Grains
With the growing ethanol industry and high grain prices, distillers grains have became an important discussion topic. Specialists, Bill Weiss, Maurice Eastridge, Dianne Shoemaker and Normand St-Pierre of the Ohio State University Extension, discuss what distillers grains are, nutrient composition and factors to remember when considering them as a feed alternative.
Ukraine: Insufficient Production and Insignificant Imports
Declining Ukrainian livestock production led to a significant deficit of beef and pork on the market in 2008 says a United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service, GAIN report, prepared by Alexander Tarassevych, an Agricultural Specialist.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Transitional Funding For Fallen Stock
 » FMD NEWS: Foot and Mouth Scare in Uruguay
 » BLUETONGUE: Urgent Call to Farmers on Vaccination
 » Price of Latin American Transport on Exports

   United States

 » Economic Collapse Takes Root in Agriculture
 » ARS - Fueling the Farm with Waste
 » US Lose Billions to Global Beef Safety Measures
 » Happy Cows Make for a Healthy Earning
 » Genetic Revolution: Unravelling Livestock DNA
 » Now You Know the Origin of Your Food
 » R-Calf in Praise of Modernisation Act
 » Animal Cruelty Bill in Arkansas Likely
 » Promoting Ethanol Co-products Provides Value
 » US Beef Cuts Gaining in Popularity
 » Georgia in Battle Against Disappearing Vets
 » Food Safety Shutdown: The End of FARAD
 » Think Twice on Feeding Cattle for Less Days
 » Monsanto Get $300 Million for Cow Hormone
 » Wall Street Collpases: Farm Credit System is Solid
 » ARS: Shining Torch on Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
 » AMI, NRA to Host Webinar on New Feed Rule
 » AFBF Provides COOL Compliance Guidelines
 » Study: Animal Agriculture Keeps Soybeans Growing
 » Weekly Outlook: Lack of Confidence in Demand
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Cow Slaughter Continues to Rise
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   United Kingdom

 » All Welsh Cattle to be Tested for TB
 » NADIS Veterinary Report and Forecast September 2008
 » Foot and Mouth Policy Under Review
 » A Potential Solution for Suckler Beef
 » Devolving Animal Health Budgets
 » QMS: Reduction in Red Meat Production Costs


 » Argentina May Import Beef by 2012
 » Argentina Back on Strike


 » Horizons ‘08 – Agriculture's Future: Value or Volume?
 » Bringing New Life to Drought-hit Pastures
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » Silver Lining to Australian Credit Crisis
 » Russian Expert Sees Potential of Australian Beef
 » Climate Change May Change Cows for Kangaroos
Nuflor -

 » Manitoba Commits to TB Testing Support
 » ALMA Launches New Web Site


 » Brazilian Beef Break Records in September
 » Brazilian Beef 'Invincible' on Arab Stage


 » Christmas Rise in Philippine Meat Demand Expected

   Viet Nam

 » Vietnamese Meat Import Duties to Rise
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