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Dairy Newsletter - 3rd October 2008
Friday 3rd October 2008
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Iodine Supplement Shows Important Benefits
Clinical trials on the reproductive performance of cattle herds and research into deficiencies in trace elements in cattle, led vet John Cook to two important discoveries, writes TheCattleSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Understanding the Loss of Cattle Fertility and Reversing the Trend
Recent studies have revealed that there is an overall decrease in the fertility of cows in Europe. In order to combat this pattern producers can make changes to their feeding schedules which can have a dramatic impact on cyclicity and fertility in dairy and beef cows, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Dairy Herd Health
Researchers at Moorepark Dairy Production Research Centre have recently started a new herd health programme, which aims to prepare Irish dairy farmers for the biosecurity challenges of herd expansion. This article, a product of the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, was published in the T Research magazine Volume 3, Number 3, Autumn 2008.
Low-Profile Cross-Ventilated Freestall Facilities
A two year study into low-profile cross-ventilated freestall facilities reinforced the belief that these facilities provide a lot of potential benefits to dairy producers, but many design challenges still remain. J. P. Harner, Ph.D. and J. F. Smith, Ph.D., Kansas State University, explain the conclusions of their study. This feature was taken from the proceedings of the High Plains Dairy Conference. A full link to the proceedings is provided below.
UK Milk Statistics
This publication, published on 24 September 2008 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority, brings together various sources of statistics relating to the production and supply of milk and milk products.
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* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Transitional Funding For Fallen Stock
 » FMD NEWS: Policy Under Review
 » BLUETONGUE: JAB Renews Warning

   European Union

 » Shockwaves of Milk Crisis Ripple Across EU

   United Kingdom

 » Milk Auction Feels the Squeeze
 » More to Prion Protein than Mad Cow Disease?
 » Vaccination is the Only Answer to Cattle Virus Problem, Says Lib-Dem
 » BVA Congress Confronts the Big Issues of Today
 » Cooking up a storm: an Analysis of Farm Emissions
 » Defra Announces Changes to TSEs Testing
 » Supermarket Milk Price Rise Welcomed
 » NFU Warn Farmers Over Dirty Livestock
 » Chr. Hansen Gets Research Funds From the EC
 » All Welsh Cattle to be Tested for TB
 » Measuring Mobility Helps Dairy Farmers Save
 » NADIS Veterinary Report and Forecast September 2008
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
   United States

 » Senate Rejects Non-ambulatory Cattle Language
 » NFU Submits Comments on COOL
 » AVMA Puts Livestock Health Before Congress
 » Life After Ike: Worry Belies Relief Efforts
 » A Mess: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
 » Management Concepts for Fall Forage
 » Researchers Make Pasture Season Last Longer
 » ARS - Fueling the Farm with Waste
 » Happy Cows Make for a Healthy Earning
 » Genetic Revolution: Unravelling Livestock DNA
 » FDA: Dairy Labels to Tout Bone Health
 » USGC Providing Safe Milk for Chinese Consumers
 » Promoting Ethanol Co-products Provides Value
 » Georgia in Battle Against Disappearing Vets
 » Dairy Products Prices Highlights
 » In The Cattle Markets
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » US Livestock Slaughter Statistics
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Cattle On Feed Down
Claas - Time for new rules

 » Animal Health Laboratory Internationally Recognised
 » Horizons ‘08 – Agriculture's Future: Value or Volume?
 » Bringing New Life to Drought-hit Pastures
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary


 » Chr. Hansen Open World’s Largest Dairy Culture Plant


 » Transition to Active Research Phase Observed
 » Alberta: Age Verification Key to Unlock Markets
 » Farm Education Centre to Target Youth
 » Manitoba Commits to TB Testing Support


 » Knock on Effects of Melamine Milk Crisis


 » Entebbe Butcheries Close After FMD Outbreak


 » Irish Minister Seeks Farm Waste Funds

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