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Beef Newsletter - 1st October 2008
Wednesday 1st October 2008
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Impact of Biofuels on Meat Production
The biofuels industry is a policy driven industry that is influenced by the need to reduce the use of energy resources, agricultural support and environmental issues, writes Chris Harris Senior Editor, TheCattleSite.
Understanding the Loss of Cattle Fertility and Reversing the Trend
Recent studies have revealed that there is an overall decrease in the fertility of cows in Europe. In order to combat this pattern producers can make changes to their feeding schedules which can have a dramatic impact on cyclicity and fertility in dairy and beef cows, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Using Liquid Feed Supplements for Beef Production
Liquid feed supplements, formulated to be used by grazing cattle, are now readily available throughout New South Wales, writes Ian Blackwood, Livestock Officer (Beef Products), Extensive Industries Development.
USDA Livestock and Products Annual Reports 2008
This article provides the beef and cattle industry data from the USDA FAS Livestock and Products Annual 2008 reports. This week our news reports are from New Zealand, India and Canada.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Defra Announces Changes to TSEs Testing
 » FMD NEWS: Entebbe Butcheries Close After Outbreak
 » BLUETONGUE: JAB Renews Warning

   United States

 » COOL Rule Takes Effect, But What Effect Will it Have?
 » NFU Submits Comments on COOL
 » Committee Approves 35 CBB Programmes
 » Approval for Camelina Meal in Livestock Feeds
 » Reaching the Gold Standard
 » Official Animal Disease Traceability Plan Released
 » Dried Plums Offer Alternative Antioxidants for Beef
 » Critical Shortage of Veterinarians in the USA
 » House Hears Evidence Against Antibiotic Use
 » NCBA Chief to Resign After Cattle Convention
 » Senate Rejects Non-ambulatory Cattle Language
 » AVMA Puts Livestock Health Before Congress
 » Life After Ike: Worry Belies Relief Efforts
 » A Mess: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
 » "Residual Feed Intake" Improves Herd Efficiency
 » Hamburger Alliance Project Seeks Sustainability
 » Researchers Make Pasture Season Last Longer
 » In The Cattle Markets
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » US Livestock Slaughter Statistics
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Cattle On Feed Down
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
   United Kingdom

 » Consumers Paying More for Welfare Standards
 » Livestock Exodus Revealed by Census Figures
 » FQAS Membership Now Brings Cross-Compliance Benefits
 » Tracing Campylobacteriosis Back to Meat Animals
 » More to Prion Protein than Mad Cow Disease?
 » Instability Marks Challenging Times Ahead
 » BVA Congress Confronts the Big Issues of Today
 » Cooking up a storm: an Analysis of Farm Emissions

   Korea, South

 » U.S. Beef Soaring in South Korea


 » E Coli Cattle Vaccine Gets Green Light
 » Transition to Active Research Phase Observed
 » Alberta: Age Verification Key to Unlock Markets
 » Farm Education Centre to Target Youth
 » Meat Recall Scandal in Canada
Agco Product Solutions

 » Bright Forecast for Australian Beef
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » ABA Chairman in Shock Over Latest Snub
 » Animal Health Laboratory Internationally Recognised


 » Cattle Prices Slide in Uruguay After August Peak


 » Bluetongue Outbreak Spreads South in Sweden


 » New Programme to Breed BETTER Beef
 » Irish Minister Seeks Farm Waste Funds
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

 » Cremonini Sale to JBS Boosts Profits


 » Surge of Cull Cow Slaughterings in France


 » Argentina Considers Road Protest and Export Ban


 » Brazil Launch First Cattle Tracking Chip
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