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Beef Newsletter - 13th August 2008
Wednesday 13th August 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Backgrounding Calves on Cornstalk Residue
By Grant Crawford, University of Minnesota Beef Team. Originally published in the MN Farm Guide. With the current high costs for feed, fuel, and fertilizer, there is a renewed emphasis on utilizing low-cost feedstuffs to put weight on calves.
Increasing the Digestibility of Forages
By Francis L. Fluharty, Ph.D., Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University. Feed costs are rising, and corn price projections are currently maintaining between $4.95 and $5.35 per bushel on corn futures through December 2010.
TSE Surveillance
Sally Spence, Technical Specialist, Field Veterinary services and Product Integrity and Sarah Aitken, Veterinary Intern, at the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries looks at the Australian surveillance system for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, including BSE.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
This report, released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), adopts U.S. area, yield, and production forecasts for winter wheat, durum, other spring wheat, barley, oats and also livestock, poultry and dairy.
* Company News

New Intranasal Vaccine Protects Young Calves
US - Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, Millsboro, Del., recently announced the availability of Onset 5 IN, the first intranasally administered, five-way modified-live virus (MLV) vaccine for healthy cattle 3 to 8 days and older.
Pfizer Finding the Links Between Genomics & Health
US - A groundbreaking study at Colorado State University may lead to early identification of animals with less susceptibility to feedlot diseases, especially bovine respiratory disease (BRD).
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Simple Test Detects Nervous Tissue
 » FMD NEWS: UK Controls Relaxed
 » BLUETONGUE: Wales to Become One Big Bluetongue Zone
   United Kingdom

 » Extending Support to the Scottish Food Industry
 » NFU CYMRU Welcomes Intention to Declare Wales a Bluetongue Protection Zone
 » UK Beef and Sheepmeat Production to Fall in 2008
 » Bluetongue Return in France Cause for Concern
 » NBA Issues Bovine TB Recommendations
 » NBA: Think Twice Before Culling Breeding Cows
 » Midge-Hunting Scientists Take on Bluetongue
 » New Strategy to Survey Antibiotic Resistance
 » AFBI: Scanning Global, Thinking Local
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
   United States

 » AMI: Safety and Benefits of Processed Meats Affirmed
 » Innovative New Beef Cuts Boost U.S. Exports to Japan
 » Texas Firm Recalls Cattle Heads
 » NCBA Unpleased By Decision Against RFS Waiver
 » Cattle Pathogen Associated with Crohn's Disease
 » 'Meat-and-Cancer' Link Dispelled by Experts
 » Using Feedlots to Protect Against Heat Stress
 » US Beef Shipment Violates Japanese Trade Accord
 » US Unlikely to Ask S. Korea to Loosen Import Rules
 » A Simple Test to Detect Nervous Tissue in Beef
 » Recalls and Lawsuits Devastate Nebraska Beef
 » Whole Foods Recall After Multi-state E.coli Fears
 » Weekly Outlook: Corn Crop Overcomes Spring Flooding
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Live Fed Cattle Price Up
 » In The Cattle Markets
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

 » Vaccination for Cattle Begins


 » Tightening of Corn Supplies Expected
 » Feed Grain Prices Expected to Decline
 » In-vessel Composting for Biosecure Deadstock
 » Anthrax Killing Canadian Cattle


 » Update on Salmonella Outbreak
 » Alltech Launches Young Scientist Award 2008-2009


 » Quality and Quantity Needed in Tanzania

   Viet Nam

 » No Compensation without Vaccination
Claas - Time for new rules
   Korea, South

 » US Beef Ribs Ready for Korean Consumption


 » Australian Record Live Cattle Exports to Indonesia
 » ABA Woe Over Great Chain Robbery
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » The East Asian Promise of Trade
 » Australian Cattle Charge Pauses for Thought

   European Union

 » EU Cereal Harvest Up 16 Per Cent


 » Farm to Shelf: RFID Tracking Norwegian Meat Supply


 » China's Transgenic Cancer Fighting Cow


 » Brazil Loses Pasture but Gains on Beef

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