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Dairy Newsletter - 1st August 2008
Friday 1st August 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Milking with Robots
By Marcia Endres, Extension Dairy Scientist, University of Minnesota, Dairy Extension. There is increasing interest in automatic milking systems (AMS) in the U.S. even though the cost:benefit ratio is not yet as good here as it is in some of the European countries.
Feeding Management to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Dairy Farms
By Robert E. James, Department of Dairy Science, and Beverly Cox, Virginia Cooperative Extension. Published in the University of Florida IFAS, 45th Dairy Conference Production proceedings. Probably no region of the U.S. has experienced greater attention to impact of agriculture on our environment than Florida.
Dairy: World Markets and Trade - July 2008
This report published by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service summarises the global market trade and trends in milk and dairy products.
Updating Phosphorus Supplementation in Ruminants to Meet the Animal’s Requirement, Reduce Excess Cost, and Reduce Environmental Concerns
By Francis L. Fluharty, Ph.D., Department of Animal Sciences, Ohio State University. Phosphorus has been called the "master mineral" because it is involved in most metabolic pathways, is a key component of Adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) which transports chemical energy within cells for energy metabolism, and it is a component of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
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* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


    BSE NEWS: EFSA Publishes Opinions
    BLUETONGUE: EU Members Urged to Analyse Vectors

   United States

    Cows Power Stations Could Generate 3% of Electricity
    CME: Group Cattle Futures Mixed
    In The Cattle Markets
    Decision Gives Conservation Land to Graziers
    CME: Prospect of Higher Beef Sales to Korea
    Feed Costs Starving Tyson Profits
    Messing with More Milk Reforms in the Mideast
    Weekly Roberts Report
    Georgia: Drought Intensifies, Cattle Cracks
    ARS Capture Deer to Stop Cattle Fever
    Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy Established
    Hutjens Named ADSA Fellow
    Optimism in New Cattle Parasite Vaccine
    AMI, Ag Groups, Send Letter in Support of Imported Ethanol Parity Act Genus - Value through science and genomics     Weekly Outlook: Cattle Numbers Keep Dropping
    GenVec Receives Continued Funding For Vaccine Program
    Conservations Reserve Program Land not to be Released
    USDA Amends Federal Milk Marketing Orders
    CME: Livestock Producers Face Prospects of $8 Corn

   United Kingdom

    Dairy Products – Innovations That Pack a Punch
    First Milk Cheese Value Soars at ASDA
    Incidence of TB in Cattle
    Defra: Opening the Box on UK Animal Imports
    NVZ Changes will Add Costs to Dairy Sector
    Milk Auction Disappoints United Dairy Farmers'
    UFU: NI Farmers Relief as WTO Talks Collapse
    New Climate Change Projects Confirmed as Essential
    Dairy UK and British Cheese Board Unite
    NADIS Veterinary Report and Forecast - July 2008 Agco Product Solutions
   European Union

    A Final Opinion on Animal Cloning
    EU Members Urged to Analyse Bluetongue Vectors
    EFSA Publishes Opinions on BSE Tests
    Commission Approves Acquisition of Grampian by VION


    Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
    Cattle Calender Cuts Costs
    Farmers Fear Cattle Tick Fever Outbreak


    Calls for Livestock Waste Control


    IFA President Meets Taoiseach on WTO Negotiations
    Satisfactory Results for Milk Monitoring

   Czech Republic

    Czech Meat Output Down 2.5% in Second Quarter DuPont Animal Health Solutions

    Perdigao Grows by More Than 80 Per Cent

   Viet Nam

    Dairy Vietnam Project Attracts New Members
    Culled Animal Households Can Defer Debt Payments


    Organic Dairy Farming Lacks Farmers


    WTO Efforts Should Not Be Wasted

That's all for this week!



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