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Dairy Newsletter - 11th July 2008
Friday 11th July 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Interpretation of Water Analysis for Livestock Suitability
By Dave German, Water Resources Institute - Nancy Thiex, Olson Biochemistry Laboratories - Cody Wright, Department of Animal and Range Sciences. Published by the South Dakota State University.
Bringing Back the Cows With Swath Grazing
By Don Comis, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. This research is part of Integrated Farming Systems, an ARS national program (#207).
Ireland: Annual Review & Outlook for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food 2007/2008
This report is taken from the Annual Review & Outlook for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food 2007/2008, published by the Irish Departmnet or Agriculture Fisheries and Food.
Sulfur in Distillers Grains for Dairy Cattle
By D. Schingoethe, A. Garcia, K. Kalscheur, and A. Hippen, Department of Dairy Science, South Dakota State University K. Rosentrater, Agricultural Research Service. Sulfur is an essential element needed by animals for many functions.
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* Company News

Barriers Need to be Broken to Help Farmers
US - DuPont Group Vice President Jim Borel told a United Nations (UN) special meeting in New York yesterday that the public and private sectors must act quickly to knock down barriers and help small-scale farmers in the developing world move out of poverty.

Bluetongue Protection Zone Keeps Expanding
UK - Defra has today announced that the Bluetongue Protection Zone will be extended again on Monday 14 July, following the delivery by Intervet of over 2 million additional doses of Bluetongue vaccine.

* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


    BSE NEWS: US Announces Prevention Funding

   United States

    Ethanol Mandate Considered 'Undue Hardship'
    BSE Fight is Not Just About Beef
    CRP Land in Flood Regions Released for Grazing
    Decoding TB Reveals Jump from Humans to Cattle
    New International Guidelines on Food Safety
    Mass Dairy Cull Considered in California
    Farmers Wary of Nitrate Poisoning in N Dakota
    Weekly Roberts Report
    Mysterious Form of CJD-Like Disease Kills Ten
    Washington Veteran to Represent Cattlemen
    Conservation Pressure Mounts Against CRP Land
    In The Cattle Markets
    FMD Fears Keep Argentinian Meat from US
    US Announces Funding for BSE Prevention Programmes
    CME: Hay Prices Affect Corn Rates
    A History of Methane Emissions
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   United Kingdom

    Badger Cull Decision: Two Sides to Every Story
    Cost Sharing Discussions With DEFRA are 'Exhausted'
    DEFRA: 21st Century Challenges for Food Set in the UK
    Bovine TB: The £20 million Vaccine Project
    Proud of Dairy Campaign Begins
    The Challenges of Grass
    Bluetongue Vaccination: A Game of Russian Roulette
    Pregnant Cows Importing Bluetongue


    The Quest for a 'Green' Agricultural System
    Weekly Australian Cattle Summary

   European Union

    Antibiotic Resistance Varies Across Europe
    School Milk Scheme Coming to EU Children

   Viet Nam

    Domesticated Storks Kill Flies in Vietnam

   Russian Federation

    Anthrax Havoc in East Siberia
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

    Alarms Raised as Disease Returns to Nigeria

   Korea, South

    Gyeonggi Rejects Downer Cattle

   New Zealand

    NZ Drought Leads to Cattle Shortage


    Indian Maize Ban Affects Kuala Lumpur


    Govt Slaps Restriction on Meat Import


    Transport Program Welcomed in Canada
    KAP: Prioritize Food Security and Food Safety


    Russia Buys Up Meat and Milk from Estonia


    IFA: WTO Deal Now Facing Government for Sure
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That's all for this week!



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