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Dairy Newsletter - 4th July 2008
Friday 4th July 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Know Your Feed Cost
Jim Paulson, Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota, Dairy Extension, asks which of the following factors affect reproductive performance of dairy cows: a) milk production, b) bunk space, c) type of bedding used in the far off pen, or d) hoof trimming schedule? Stay tuned — you might be surprised at the answers.
Sexed Semen: Is It Finally a Reality?
Most of us have heard the rumor that sexed semen is “just around the corner” for as long as we have been aware of A.I., writes David Thorbahn, Select Sires Inc., University of Florida IFAS, Dairy Extension.
Feeding Dairy Cows for Body Condition Score
Changes in body weight are not a very good indicator of the nutritional status of dairy cows, writes Alvaro Garcia and Arnold Hippen of the Dairy Science Department - South Dakota State University, Extension Extra.
Drying Digestates from Biogas Plants
By Dipl.-Ing. agr. Janett Peschel, Big Dutchman International GmbH. Generating power from renewable energies is becoming increasingly important in Germany as well as on the international level.
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* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

   United Kingdom

    EU Dairy Settles as the World Outside Shakes
    Bluetongue Decision Drives Forward Scottish Strategy
    UK: Call for Major FMD Shake-up
    NADIS Veterinary Report and Forecast - June 2008
    TB: Hundreds Rally Against Welsh Badger Cull
    Long Lasting Inflammatory Relief for Calves
    New Research Leads to Composting Progress
    Farmers Wanted for Bluetongue Study
    Online Farmers in Support of School Milk
    Vaccine Rolls in, Bluetongue Zone Spreads Out
    M&S Open Welfare Friendly Outlet for Male Dairy
    NFUS: Defra Debate on Cost Share is a Waste of Time
    Young Blood and Simmental Cattle Tops Agenda
    Bovine TB Announcement Due on Monday
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
   United States

    Spanish Red Meat Buying Group Visits NI
    Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Cattle on Feed Lower
    New Law Permits Farmers to Sell More Raw Milk
    Additive for Health, Productivity and Environment
    Weekly Outlook: Stocks and Acreage Exceed Expectations
    IDFA Challenges Controversial Artificial Hormone Rule
    New Hide Washer Saves Money and Lives
    Carbon Hoofprint and the Impact of RbST
    Fed Cattle Supply Fundamentals Supportive
    WSPA Put Humanely Labelled Food to the Test
    President Urged to Suspend Ethanol Import Tariff
    NFU Seek Assistance for Independent Producers
    Weekly Roberts Report
    In The Cattle Markets
    Swath Grazing Keeps Cattle Fed All Year Round
    US Prohibits the Extralabel Use of Cephalosporin
Agco Product Solutions

    Chinese Practices Putting Millions at Risk


    Feed Grain Prices Expected to Increase
    E. coli O157 Vaccine: Added Value or Added Cost
    Age Confirmed of Canadian Mad Cow
    Turning Manure to Money on Intensive Operations


    Research: Grain Based Diets Without Additives
    Dairy Farmers Switch to Grain Feeding
    AgForce Calls for Competition in NLIS Tag Market
    Australian Dairy Farmers Up for Sale
    Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

    Zimbabwe: Tick-Borne Diseases Kill Cattle

   European Union

    EU Allows More Meat from Latin America


    IFA: Dangers of Mandelson's WTO Deal Accepted

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