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Beef Newsletter - 2nd July 2008
Wednesday 2nd July 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Reproductive Fertility in Herd Bulls
By George Perry, Beef Reproduction and Management Specialist, Julie Walker, Beef Specialist and Russ Daly. Published in the South Dakota State University, Extension Extra.
Eye in the Sky: A Global Beef Perspective
In recent years the global beef market has been shaken by unforeseen issues. The rules of the game have already changed. Now is the time for the industry to follow suit - but how exactly will it meet these new requirements? writes Adam Anson, reporting for the Beefsite.
A.I. Technology is Changing Rapidly!! (Molecular Genetics and Sexed Semen)
David Thorbahn, Select Sires, Inc., explains where the practise of artificial insemination is heading in the future. His essay, taken from the proceedings 45th Florida Dairy Production Conference, was published by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension.
Are Cattle Warming the Globe?
By Lori Weddle-Schott, University of Minnesota Beef Team and Paula Waggoner, Capricorn Communications. Consumers want to save the environment as long as it’s not inconvenient.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


    FMD NEWS: UK: Call for Major FMD Shake-up
    Vicious Cycle of High Prices and Global Food Shortage


    Double Trouble: Farmers Use Two NLIS Tags
    ABA Chewing the Fat on Supermarket Transparency
    Report: Climate Changes, Farming Changes
    Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
    Research: Grain Based Diets Without Additives

   United Kingdom

    Future in Hands of Health Check and Members
    Glowing Report for Scottish Handling of FMD
    Bluetongue Vaccine on it's Way to Scotland
    NADIS Veterinary Report and Forecast - June 2008
    Report: Ensuring Fresh Blood for the Industry
    Beef Box Scheme Launched
    TB: Hundreds Rally Against Welsh Badger Cull
    Long Lasting Inflammatory Relief for Calves DuPont Animal Health Solutions

    Cattle Seized in Brazil's Green Barrier

   United States

    Undercover Footage: Abuse Story Still Rolling
    DNA Fingerprint Tracks E. coli Outbreak to Ohio
    Environmental Group and Livestock Producers Unite
    Cattle Disaster Relief Steps up the Mississippi
    Smithfield and Campofrio Agree to Merge
    US Beef Exports Up and Out
    Spanish Red Meat Buying Group Visits NI
    Korean Public Rally Against Mad Cows and Troops
    Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Cattle on Feed Lower
    Weekly Outlook: Stocks and Acreage Exceed Expectations
    Smithfield Selling 5 Per Cent of Shares
    World Unites Against Live Export Cruelty
    Cost Analysis: SDSU Release Beef Cow Budget
    New Hide Washer Saves Money and Lives
Claas - Time for new rules

    Lakeside Operation Sinks: Tyson Sells to XL Foods
    Ones Step Ahead: Product Predicts Forage Yield
    Feed Grain Prices Expected to Increase
    E. coli O157 Vaccine: Added Value or Added Cost
    Age Confirmed of Canadian Mad Cow
    Turning Manure to Money on Intensive Operations


    Getting on a Level with Grazing Grass


    Chinese Practices Putting Millions at Risk


    Zimbabwe: Tick-Borne Diseases Kill Cattle

   European Union

    EU Allows More Meat from Latin America
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