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Dairy Newsletter - 27 June 2008
Friday 27th June 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Milk Production up 2.5%, Cheese Hits Record Prices
By Robert Tigner, Iowa State University, published in the Iowa Farm Outlook. April 2008 23 major dairy states milk production rose 2.5%. Production per cow was only 12 pounds higher for April.
A.I. Technology is Changing Rapidly!! (Molecular Genetics and Sexed Semen)
David Thorbahn, Select Sires, Inc., explains where the practise of artificial insemination is heading in the future. His essay, taken from the proceedings 45th Florida Dairy Production Conference, was published by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension.
UK Milk Statistics
This publication, published on 23 June 2008 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority, brings together various sources of statistics relating to the production and supply of milk and milk products.
Are Cattle Warming the Globe?
By Lori Weddle-Schott, University of Minnesota Beef Team and Paula Waggoner, Capricorn Communications. Consumers want to save the environment as long as it’s not inconvenient.
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* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

   United States

    Cattle On Feed
    U.S. Cattle on Feed Down 4 Percent
    Weekly Outlook: Now is The High In?
    Guilty Pleas to Hallmark Cruelty
    Report Identifies Threat of Virus Research Lab
    Counting the Costs of Stored Co-products
    Dairy Judging Team Nets Funds
    Yellowstone Holds Key to Brucellosis Eradication
    Ethanol's Impact on Food and Gas Prices
    Antibiotics: AVMA Put Superbug Scare Stories to Bed
    Preempting a Dairy Disaster
    Undercover Footage: Abuse Story Still Rolling
    DNA Fingerprint Tracks E. coli Outbreak to Ohio
    Environmental Group and Livestock Producers Unite
    Cattle Disaster Relief Steps up the Mississippi
Agco Product Solutions
   United Kingdom

    Pasture Type and Methane Emissions
    Cracking Bluetongue with a 3D Model
    Mobile Dairy Keeps Farmers on Right Path
    Can Suppliers Save UK Dairy from NVZ Threat?
    QMS Offers Farmers Direct Support
    GM Food Benefits? Consumers Wont Swallow it
    DairyCo Lab Tests Ensure Value for Money
    Future in Hands of Health Check and Members
    Fury as TB Cattle Cull Heads to 40K
    Solutions Abound for Polyphenol-Fortified Milk: Study
    Glowing Report for Scottish Handling of FMD
    Bluetongue Vaccine on it's Way to Scotland

    Mysterious Death and Disease in Iraq

    Indian Milk Bubbles Up as Population Sinks


    Mad Cow in Canada
    There's Hope for Feed Grain Price Relief


    Oz: NLIS Rebate Extends Until Cash Flow Snaps
    Double Trouble: Farmers Use Two NLIS Tags
    ABA Chewing the Fat on Supermarket Transparency
    Report: Climate Changes, Farming Changes
    Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
DuPont Animal Health Solutions

    Glanbia Must Commit to Top Prices say Suppliers


    Cattle Seized in Brazil's Green Barrier


    Vicious Cycle of High Prices and Global Food Shortage


    Getting on a Level with Grazing Grass

That's all for this week!



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