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Beef Newsletter - 18th June 2008
Wednesday 18th June 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Hi, we present our first Beef Cattle Industry Review newsletter sent out weekly on Wednesdays. You are receiving this newsletter as a registered subscriber. Subscription has been open since the launch of TheBeefSite last year, you can manage your subscription by clicking on the relevant links at the bottom of the newsletter. We hope you find the service helpful. John Deere - Premium Versitality
* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Economic Impact of AI vs. Natural Mating for Beef Cattle Herds
By Dr. John D. Anderson, Extension Professor, Agricultural Economics; and Dr. Justin D. Rhinehart, Assistant Extension Professor, and Dr. Jane A. Parish, Associate Extension/Research Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences.
Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Market Access: Challenges for the Beef Industry in Southern Africa
By Ian Scoones and William Wolmer, Working Paper 1, 2008. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton.
Emergency Considerations for Beef Cattle1
By Max Irsik and Todd Thrift2, University of Florida, IFA Extension.
Beef Management Tips
Dr. Mark Wahlberg, Extension Livestock Specialist, VA Tech, Livestock Update, June 2008.
Some Pasture Management Do's and Don'ts
By Rory Lewandowski, Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension Beef Team.
US Feed Outlook
Allen Baker, Edward Allen, and Heather Lutman, ERS USDA.
US Beef and Dairy Outlook Report - June 2008
By U.S.D.A, Economic Research Service.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


    FMD NEWS: Botswana: Government Suspends FMD Cattle Killings

   United States

    Is Grain Really Fuelling a Global Depression?
    Bill to Cut Down Ethanol Tariff Announced
    Weekly Roberts Report
    Brucellosis Investigation Expands in Montana
    In The Cattle Markets
    Force Aims to Put Food/Fuel Back in Mouths of Hungry
    NALF Talks Over New Genomics Projects
    Montana: Paying the Price of Brucellosis
    COOL Comes Back to the Farm
    Up, Up and Away: The US Beef Export Surge
    US Running Out of Corn
    Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Cattle Market Down
    Checkoff Boosts Hispanic Beef Sales
    Observe Phenotype to Determine Genotype
    Weekly Outlook: Rationing the 2008 US Corn Crop
    Brucellosis Confirmed in Wyoming Cattle Herd
Claas - Time for new rules
   New Zealand

    End of an Era for Meat & Wool New Zealand CEO
    Meat Industry Taskforce Announce Process


    New Canadian License Aids Rural Meat Producers
    "Product of Canada": Farmers Welcome Label Guidelines
    OIMP and Homegrown Ontario Join Hands


    Oz Destiny? Seeking a Fairer Meat Market
    Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
    Tender Meat is All in the Genes
    Clamp Down On Antibiotic Residues
    Time for Celebration Says AgForce

   United Kingdom

    Farmgate Opens but Profits Feel the Squeeze
    bTB-Infected: Do Farmers Get Due Compensation?
    Small Fall in UK Beef Imports
    Profit Margins Under Pressure
    VION to Takeover Grampian
    Alberta's $356 Million Livestock Makeover
    UK Steps Up to 'Controlled' BSE Risk Status
    Grampian Takeover to Boost Scottish Industry
    United Auctions Move to Ensure Sustainability
    JAB Warns Against Complacency on Vaccination
    EBLEX Publish Mini Feeds Directory

    Brazil Break Through US$ 2 Billion Export Barrier
    Brazilian Beef Industry Seeks Arab Riches


    Botswana: Government Suspends FMD Cattle Killings
    Kuke Cattle Quarantined in Botswana

   European Union

    Got Beef With EC Import Tarriff Reduction?
    EU Compound Feed Production Still Rising
    EU Food Chain Action Welcomed


    Anthrax Confirmed in India's Gujarat State

   Korea, Republic of

    US Shows Positive Face in Light of Korean Problem
    Mislabelled US Beef Sends Shock Waves in Korea

   Serbia and Montenegro

    World's lst On-farm E.coli Intervention Vaccine?
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