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14 July 2021
View news from Tanzania Milk=better health for HIV-positive students
Schoolchildren in Tanzania's Southern Highlands get regular helpings of milk as part of a new Heifer International project....
11 December 2019
View news from Tanzania Meat Prices Go Up in Dar Amid Falling Cattle Supply
TANZANIA - Rising demand for meat, compounded by low cattle supplies, has pushed meat prices up in Dar es Salaam, with analysts projecting that a kilogramme of beef will cross the Sh10,000-mark during the festive season....
09 September 2019
View news from Tanzania A to Z Introduces New Mineral Feed to Boost Dairy Cattle Industry
TANZANIA - Dairy cattle keepers in Dodoma and Iringa regions have every reason to smile following the introduction of Josera Frumi Plus in the two regions....
13 June 2018
View news from Tanzania Researchers Help Unlock Answers About Leptospirosis in Africa
TANZANIA - University of Otago researchers are helping lead international studies which have discovered that exposure to cattle and rice farming are risk factors for the devastating disease leptospirosis in northern Tanzania....
17 May 2018
View news from Tanzania Small-scale Dairy Farmers to Get Assistance
TANZANIA - Various stakeholders in the milk industry value chain have vowed to pull their resources to address challenges in the sub-sector and ensure that more small holders benefit more from the industry....
13 December 2017
View news from Tanzania 44,700 Maswa Cattle to be Branded
TANZANIA - Thirty-six wards will be involved in branding 44,732 cattle in Maswa District, Simiyu....
27 June 2017
View news from Tanzania Tanzanian Meat Prices Remain Unchanged Despite Increased Cattle Supply
TANZANIA - Cattle supply at Pugu market recorded an increase last week, resulting into price fall across all the breeds although the retail prices remained unchanged in most parts of Dar es Salaam Region....
03 May 2017
View news from Tanzania Strong Demand for Beef Pushes Up Prices, Supply in Tanzania
TANZANIA - High demand for cattle meat in Dar es Salaam Region this month could be the driving force for increased supply and prices during the period compared to the preceding month....
14 December 2016
View news from Tanzania Kalambo Flushes Out 25 Pastoralists, 2,000 Herds of Cattle
TANZANIA - Kalambo District authorities in Rukwa Region have arrested and forcibly kicked out 25 pastoralists with 2,000 herds of cattle over the defiance of a directive issued by Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Zelothe Steven, against illegal animal entry...
30 April 2014
View news from Tanzania Norway and Tanzania Unite in Cattle Project
TANZANIA – A University partnership drawing on Scandinavian expertise is working to lift beef and milk production from pastoral Tanzanian farming....
26 August 2013
View news from Tanzania Dairy and Chicken Farming Beneficial to Tanzanian Districts
TANZANIA - Given the rapidly growing demand for animal products and the important contribution of livestock to the incomes and welfare of the rural poor communities, the need for increased livestock production is pressing....
13 February 2013
View news from Tanzania Ngara Under Quarantine to Contain FMD
TANZANIA - Authorities in Ngara District have imposed a quarantine following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the region....
02 January 2013
View news from Tanzania 100 Head of Cattle Disappear in Serengeti River
TANZANIA - Almost 100 head of cattle have disappeared in the Robana river, according to sources in Africa....
24 December 2012
View news from Tanzania Doctorate Reveals Dairy Cow Health Issues
TANZANIA - Calf health and growth on farms in the Tasmanian highlands has been described as poor in a doctoral research project with farmers being described as having 'scant knowledge' of calf nutrition and husbandry. ...
16 November 2011
View news from Tanzania Cattle Supply Improves But Meat Price Soars
TANZANIA - Pugu livestock market in Dar es Salaam has experienced a good supply of cattle but the price of meat has continued to go up. A report issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry indicates that there has been a high demand for cattle, goats...
07 March 2011
View news from Tanzania Dairy Industry Collapsing Due To Power Shortages
TANZANIA - The ongoing power shortage has hit dairy milk collections resulting in a loss of billions of shillings by processors and farmers, and the gradual collapse of the industry....
24 August 2010
View news from Tanzania Less Livestock Supplied To Market
TANZANIA - The cattle supply to Pugu market in Dar es Salaam from upcountry has decreased by 5.5 per cent. But meat prices have remained at between Sh3,000 and Sh4,800 a kilo. A ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing report shows that 970 animals on...
02 July 2009
View news from Tanzania EAC Secretariat and ILRI Unite Over Livestock
TANZANIA - The East African Community Secretariat and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), an international research institute with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya have signed and exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)...
08 August 2008
View news from Tanzania Quality and Quantity Needed in Tanzania
TANZANIA - Officials in the Tanzanian livestock sector were recently challenged to help keepers improve the quality of livestock breeds and their products in order to boost export figures. ...
10 September 2007
View news from Tanzania Livestock Extinction Threat: How Prepared Is Tanzania?
TANZANIA - The recent announcement by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) that the world is now facing extinction of indigenous livestock breeds is a warning to countries with huge animal populations such as Tanzania. ...
02 July 2007
View news from Tanzania Tanzania: Livestock Ban Lifted As Zanzibar Controls RVF
STONE TOWN - Tanzania's semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar have lifted a ban imposed in April on the importation of farm animals and meat in a bid to keep the region free of Rift Valley Fever (RVF). ...
10 May 2007
View news from Tanzania Manyara Lifts Livestock Quarantine
TANZANIA - Manyara regional authority has lifted a livestock quarantine imposed early February following an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever (RVF)....
28 December 2006
View news from Tanzania Southern Africa: Tanzania to Benefit From $19.7m ADB Loan to SADC Nations
TANZANIA - Tanzania is among five member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to benefit from a grant totalling $19.7 million extended by the African Development Bank (ADB) in support of animal disease control. ...
26 December 2006
View news from Tanzania Tanzania to benefit from $19.7m ADB loan to SADC nations
TANZANIA - Tanzania is among five member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to benefit from a grant totalling $19.7 million extended by the African Development Bank (ADB) in support of animal disease control. ...

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