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18 October 2010
View news from Kenya Kenya's Dairy Sector Worth $230million
KENYA - The Kenya dairy industry is making a turnover of over Ksh. 17 billion (US$230 million), following a policy change six years ago....
29 September 2010
View news from Kenya Improved Dairying Empowers Farmers In Rift Valley
KENYA - The East African Dairy Development project which is implemented by Heifer International in partnership with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), TechnoServe, the World Agroforestry Centre and the African Breeders Service Total...
13 September 2010
View news from Kenya Greener Pastures And Better Breeds Reduce Carbon
KENYA - A new study by the International Livestock Research Institute has found that reductions in greenhouse gases could be worth $1 billion dollars to poor livestock farmers if they could sell saved carbon on international markets....
08 September 2010
View news from Kenya Poor Insemination Methods Threaten Dairy Industry
KENYA - Poor artificial insemination methods and farmers’ reluctance to breed male cows are holding back growth of dairy sector seen as a revenue stream for many poor Kenyans. ...
19 October 2009
View news from Kenya FAO to Aid Kenyan Livestock Farmers
KENYA - The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation(FAO) have taken steps to stem cattle starvation and enhance productivity....
05 October 2009
View news from Kenya Ministry Stops Buying Cattle
KENYA - The Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) has suspended the off-take scheme aimed at buying cattle and slaughtering them at the buying centres after the ministry of Livestock Development ran out of cash....
04 September 2009
View news from Kenya Drought in Kenya Causes Livestock to Die
KENYA - As an unrelentless drought siezes Kenya for the third year, stock and game die, leaving farmers with little choice but to abandon their days of herding cattle. A report by John Vidal, of The Guardian enlightens us to the real effects of climate...
28 July 2009
View news from Kenya Kenya to Establish Disease-free Zones
KENYA - The Kenyan Government is making fresh attempts to establish livestock disease-free zones to expand the country's beef export market....
30 March 2009
View news from Kenya Kenya to Export Dairy Products to Zambia
KENYA - Kenya will start exporting dairy products to Zambia, top officials of both states have said. ...
18 December 2008
View news from Kenya Kenyan Cattle Gene Imports Rocket
KENYA - Kenyan imports of dairy genetics are growing at 11 per cent annually. The United States is the largest exporter of dairy genetics to Kenya and holds 73 per cent share. Kenyan farmers and consumers view U.S. products as high-quality....
20 May 2008
View news from Kenya Troubled Kenya: Drought, Violence and Feed Costs
KENYA - Poor Rains in Kenya are threatening to cost the dairy industry billions of shillongs in lost exports to the East African region, but there are other factors compounding the problem....
10 March 2008
View news from Kenya Kenyan Dairy Sector Struggling to Settle
KENYA - Joseph Ngera, a Nakuru based large-scale farmer, has failed to deliver milk to the processing factory since the beginning of the year when his entire herd of cows was stolen by raiders who took advantage of the recent post-election violence. ...
21 February 2008
View news from Kenya Violence Hit Kenya's Once Viabrant Dairy Sector
KENYA - Closed roads, burnt down animal feeds shops and either abandoned farms or slain animals, some of which having their meaty parts chopped off bit by bit even as they graze unattended to. This is the story explaining Kenya’s once vibrant dairy...
22 January 2008
View news from Kenya Unrest Affects Milk Deliveries in Kenya
KENYA - Milk deliveries to New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Eldoret depot have declined by half, due to post election violence in parts of the North Rift region reports The Nation. ...
19 December 2007
View news from Kenya Kenya Dairy Production Shoots Up
KENYA - Stabilised milk market prices and use of modern dairy techniques by dairy farmers have seen milk production in Kenya shoot to 3.7 billion litres up from 2.5 billion five years ago. ...
19 September 2007
View news from Kenya Kenyan Cheese Makers Come of Age
KENYA - In the cold misty hills of Limuru, David and Sue Brown have been making cheese for over 25 years. What started as a way to store their excess milk turned into Brown's Cheese. ...
03 August 2007
View news from Kenya Kenya: Export Growth Piles Pressure On Milk Price
KENYA - Dairy farmers are hoping for better times ahead following the start of a costing review by the Government that sets the optimal producer prices for milk as export demand rises....
09 February 2007
View news from Kenya Kenya: Protest At Milk Price Cut
KENYA - New KCC has reduced milk producer price drawing angry reactions from dairy farmers. The farmers argue that the move is likely to hurt the dairy sector...
31 January 2007
View news from Kenya Kenya mulls cattle vaccine as fever spreads
KENYA - The Kenyan government said on Tuesday that its scientists have started manufacturing livestock vaccines for Rift Valley fever, which has killed at least 150 people and threatened the country's beef sector. ...
09 January 2007
View news from Kenya Kenya: Official Calls for Farmers' Auction Day
KENYA - Nyandarua livestock officer Maina Kiondo has called for the establishment of an auction day in various markets in the district. ...
01 January 2007
View news from Kenya Livestock exports to continue
KENYA - Kenya will continue to export beef products to Mauritius and other countries in the Middle East despite the outbreak of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF). ...
18 December 2006
View news from Kenya Kenya: Sh1.8bn Milk Going Down the Drain
NAIROBI - Kenya is losing Sh1.8 billion through milk wastage annually reports Kennedy Masibo and Francis Mureithi in The Nation....
11 December 2006
View news from Kenya Milk body signs new regional partnerships
KENYA - Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with dairy authorities in Uganda and Rwanda to promote Kenya’s exports of dairy products to the two countries...
08 December 2006
View news from Kenya Kenya: Cost of Hybrid Cattle Rises
NAIROBI - Dairy farmers in Rift Valley have appealed to the Government to subsidise the high cost of artificial insemination services to improve dairy cattle breeds in the region. The farmers suffer huge expenses in transportation costs for inseminators...
20 November 2006
View news from Kenya Kenya: Farmers Warned of Toxins in Dairy Feeds
KENYA - Almost half of animal feeds for livestock in Nairobi are contaminated with toxins dangerous to human health. ...
07 November 2006
View news from Kenya Equity unveils Sh500m for dairy farmers
KENYA - Equity Bank has extended a Sh500 million line of credit to dairy farmers delivering their milk to New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC). ...
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