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27 June 2022
View news from Peru Peru farmers and truckers to strike over fuel, fertiliser costs
Annual inflation rate remains at around 8%...
09 October 2017
View news from Peru Advantage of Alternative US Beef Cuts Presented in Peru
PERU - Highlighting alternative cuts for South America’s foodservice sector, USMEF partnered with a major importer and distributor in the region for a US beef workshop in Lima, Peru....
24 July 2014
View news from Peru Peruvian Livestock Sector to Get Aid With Genetics and Water
PERU – An ambitious programme to improve Peruvian farm profitability through bovine genetic improvement has been announced by the Ministry of Agriculture....
23 April 2014
View news from Peru Livestock Earnings Up 15 Fold Since Foot and Mouth Free Status Declared
PERU – Earnings from Peruvian livestock exports have increased 15 fold since Food and Mouth Disease status was upgraded last year....
25 October 2013
View news from Peru Halema to Promote US Tripe With Van Billboards
PERU – South America’s demand for US beef offal products is being given another foothold with an advertising campaign to market tripe....
27 June 2013
View news from Peru Great Opportunities for Peru Following FMD-Free Declaration
PERU – Official declaration has been granted to the Peruvian government declaring the country free of Foot and Mouth Disease and African Horse Sickness....
04 June 2013
View news from Peru Government Targets 3 Billion Litres By 2020
PERU – Milk consumption is set to increase drastically if government per capita targets of 70 to 120 litres are to be met, Milton Von Hesse, Minister for Agriculture has announced....
28 May 2013
View news from Peru OIE Announces Peru As FMD Free
PERU – The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has confirmed Peru as foot and mouth and African horse sickness free, Agriculture Minister Milton Von Hesse announce over the weekend....
14 May 2013
View news from Peru OIE to Grant FMD Free Status to Peru
PERU – The Minister for Agriculture, Milton von Hesse announced last week that food and mouth disease (FMD) free status would be granted to Peru within a fortnight. ...
21 March 2013
View news from Peru Authorities Agree on FMD Control Strategy
PERU – Foot and mouth disease protocol has taken a strategic turn following policy approval by a range of administrative bodies. ...
05 February 2013
View news from Peru Peruvian Production Boom Announced
PERU- The national gross value of agricultural production in 2012 grew by 5.1 per cent over the year 2011, thus surpassing the sector target of 5 per cent annual growth, the Office of Economic and Statistical Studies (EEO), Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG)...
05 December 2012
View news from Peru Agricultural Output Increases by 4.4 Per Cent
PERU - So far livestock sectors are growing but egg laying is reducing in 2012 says the office of Economic and Statistical Studies....
07 November 2012
View news from Peru Agricultural Production Sees Increase of 4.6 Per Cent
PERU - Agricultural production between January-September this year recorded an increase of 4.6 per cent compared to the same period of 2011, driven by growth in the livestock sub-sector by 5.2 per cent and production of agricultural subsector by 4.2 per...
03 July 2012
View news from Peru Agricultural Production Figures Boosted by Livestock
PERU - In the first five months of this year, agricultural production grew 3.4 per cent compared with the same period last year, said the Office of Economic and Statistical Studies (EEO ) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG). ...
10 August 2009
View news from Peru Peruvian Beef Demand Set to Soar
PERU - Peru's beef production and consumption remains tiny compared by other Latin American standards, however a new outlook report shows good growth patterns as the Peruvian economy strengthens....
02 January 2008
View news from Peru Chile Buys Into Peru, Big Time
PERU - The major Peruvian supermarket chain, Wong, has been acquired by Chilean Cencosud during December. The deal should be completed by end of January. ...

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