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22 September 2020
Results from domestication study could enhance livestock development
Study shows that the genetic makeup of water buffalo and cattle responded to breeding for human domestication in similar ways. ...
17 September 2020
Jump in use of sexed dairy, beef semen
Sales of sexed dairy semen accounted for just over half of dairy semen sales in the year to March 2020, jumping up from a 32% share the previous year, writes Katherine Jack, AHDB analyst for dairy. ...
15 September 2020
Beef genetic data tools defined
In any team sport, members contribute their physical strengths to help achieve the goal for the common good. It is hard for an athlete to be the best in all aspects of the game....
11 September 2020
Romania's cattle breeding sector gets €7.4 million lifeline
The European Commission has approved €7.4 million to support Romanian cattle breeding companies that have been affected by COVID-19. ...
10 September 2020
New research project at Iowa State University builds "genome to phenome" knowledge for crops and livestock
A new federal grant will support an Iowa State University-led effort to spur development of a “genome to phenome” infrastructure for scientific collaboration across crops and livestock....
25 August 2020
Reducing Greenhouse Emissions: Genomic Testing of Every Cow in Ireland
Genomics technologies have the potential to solve big problems and establish new paradigms for animal breeding that seem impossibly ambitious today. ...
03 August 2020
Brahman-type cattle may require less nitrogen, could reduce nitrogen emissions
A recently funded Texas A&M AgriLife study will determine differences in nitrogen requirements between Brahman type cattle and other cattle. Measuring these differences may allow cattle producers to reduce the protein in cattle diets by allowing for precise...
Big data used to study cattle resilience and efficiency
The international project GenTORE focuses on developing innovative tools for genetic selection and management to optimize the resilience and efficiency of livestock. (Sensor) data is collected for this research in the stables of Dairy Campus. ...
28 July 2020
Genome-edited bull passes on hornless trait to calves
For the past two years, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have been studying six offspring of a dairy bull, genome-edited to prevent it from growing horns. This technology has been proposed as an alternative to dehorning, a common management...
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