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EU-UK trade friction continues

25 November 2021

The friction has influences EU beef trade figures

According to an AHDB report, trade friction between the EU and UK remains a key influence on EU beef trade figures.

Regardless of these issues, EU beef exports between January and August grew by 1% to 137,000 tonnes. Growth was driven primarily by increases to Norway and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Exports to Japan, the Philippines and Hong Kong also increased in that same time period.

For imports, volumes decreased by 12% over the same period to 298,000 tonnes. This was largely driven by less beef imported from the UK, said the report. Fewer shipments came in from Argentina and Australia, beef imports from Uruguay increased. Globally, cattle supplies are tighter, which will be limiting volumes from key areas.

EU beef trade is expected to recover by the end of the year, AHDB analyst Hannah Clarke said, and export growth is forecast to continue. As EU foodservice markets reopen, they will likely require more imported beef. That could change if lockdowns persist across the continent. 


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