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Dutch Body Joins Calls Against Swedish Milk Study

30 October 2014

NETHERLANDS – A new study linking high milk intake with increased risk of fractures and cardiovascular disease is not “cause to modify existing dairy recommendations”, says a Dutch dairy body.

The Dutch Dairy Association (NZO) has joined fellow dairy organisations in critiquing a Swedish study which appeared in the British Medical Journal this week.

Entitled Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies, the study contradicts many papers about the value of milk in a healthy diet.

The Association said that a wealth of scientific research exists to the contrary of the Swedish paper, associating dairy products with positive relations with bones and having no effect on mortality.

Discussing a Japanese study on European consumers published this month, the NZO said that scientists have associated milk with lower mortality in men and women.

Speaking on radio show The Morning, a leading Dutch experts highlighted the caution afforded to the findings by the study authors.

Professor Frans Cook, Wageningen University said that while the study suggested that milk consumption contributes to bone fractures and mortality in women, it also showed negative correlation for cheese and fermented milk products. 

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