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Dairy Contributes to Typhoon Relief

19 November 2013

PHILIPPINES – A herd management provider has initiated a Filipino relief fund in recognition of the contribution islanders have given to British Agriculture.

UK herdcare systems provider LKL has committed to pledging £1000 to help communities recover following Typhoon Haiyan and called on herd managers to donate 1 pence per litre produced on 8 November, the day the disaster hit.

“Overall, we have 500 herdspeople, of which 35 are Filipinos,” said Adrian Edwards, relief services manager.

He added: “It is a small percentage, but one we felt was worthwhile acknowledging. We felt it was right to support the cause, as Filipino workers have supported us and British farming in general.”

He explained that the UK is not necessarily the first destination when farming abroad, as experience is gained in the Middle East.

“Most of them will have gone to Saudi Arabia first and spent some years on the big units there before coming to the UK”

George Gordon, managing director at LKL said one farmer donated £1000 immediately.

Further contributions are coming in from across the UK.

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