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Farmers Association (LRF) and Swedish Dairy Form LFR Milk

05 December 2012

SWEDEN - The Swedish Farmers Association and Swedish Dairy have signed an agreement forming the Farmers Association (LRF) Milk, taking effect on the first of January.

The purpose of the formation of LRF Milk is to strengthen the Swedish milk producers' influence and opportunities in the commercial and political market. This is to be achieved through a new organisation that is 'comprehensive and effective' and concentrates on specicfic dairy industry issues.

The decision to form this group was made by the Swedish Dairy Association's Board of Directors in late October.

It is hoped that LRF Milk will increase the Swedish milk producers and dairy companies' growth opportunities, profitability and competitiveness through the main issues business policy, business intelligence and market analysis, joint marketing, crisis communications and other competition-neutral industry issues.

The LRF Milk is an important step to offer dariying more political impact. Together we will work to increase the competitiveness and growth of Swedish farmers, said LRF Federal Chairman Helena Jonsson.

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