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NSW Govt Threaten to Limit Water Buy Back Amount

29 November 2012

AUSTRALIA - The New South Wales Government has intensified water issues in the light of the Murray-Darling Basin plan, saying it will impose a limit on water buybacks from January, if state and federal governments don't commit to a cap.

NSW Water Minister Katrina Hodgkinsons said that she has been striving for her for her federal counterpart Tony Burke to include the cap in any Murray-Darling Basin plan for many months, reports ABC Rural

Mrs Hodgkinsons had said all appeals have fallen on deaf ears, so NSW may be forced to rely its own legislative powers.

"If our concerns are not addressed in the intergovernmental agreement, which is due to be presented to premiers on December 7, then on January 15, straight after the Christmas holidays, we'll be putting an order in place, from the Water Management Act, to cap buybacks to the tune of 3 per cent per valley per decade."


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