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Processor Raises Price of Dairy Products

14 November 2012

SWEDEN - Processor ICA have made a price increase meaning a litre of milk is 30-40 cents more expensive for the consumer. Good for the retailer, it is currently unclear whether this profiteering will benefit farmers.

ICA has decided to increase the price of produce it is receiving from virtually all large dairies in Sweden, says Anders Svensson, CEO of ICA Sweden.

It is still unclear exactly how the price will be affected locally because the pricing is done in the stores. The impact the pricing will have on dairy farmers is also unclear.

ICA intentions are to help the producers and for the prise rise to reach their farmers. However Swedish Milk have said that this is hard to see: " No one can equate ICA's price increase and producer price increase. ICA is a huge part of the market but there are more customers."

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