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Agricultural Production Sees Increase of 4.6 Per Cent

07 November 2012

PERU - Agricultural production between January-September this year recorded an increase of 4.6 per cent compared to the same period of 2011, driven by growth in the livestock sub-sector by 5.2 per cent and production of agricultural subsector by 4.2 per cent, the latter being the second highest score for the year, as revealed by the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).

According to the Office of Economic and Statistical Studies (EEO) MINAG, production of the livestock subsector grew due to increased production of poultry, cattle, pigs and milk.

The agricultural subsector increased due to an increase in production of potato, rice husk, yellow corn and olives.

Also contributing to the increase were bananas, alfalfa, avocado, grapes, sugar cane and tangerine. However, a decrease in production was seen for coffee, mango, cotton and sweet potato.

The growth rate of agricultural production for the period January-September this year (4.6 per cent), was slightly above the average annual rates of the same period in the last ten years (4.2 per cent).

In September, the livestock subsector grew by increased production of birds, swine, cattle, sheep and dairy. However, egg production continued to decline (-2.7 per cent).

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