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Campaigning For Higher Beef Prices

11 November 2010

FRANCE - Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries has reaffirmed his committment to helping beef producers, who are struggling with the current economic climate.

Earlier in the week, the Minister met with industry leaders, to propose a three-point plan to aid the sector.

Firstly, producer prices were discussed. Mr Le Maire said that is was not acceptable for producers incomes to continue to decline, whilst the retail price increases. He pointed out that meat is sold for 15-17 euros per kilo in shops, whilst producers only receive three euros per kilo.

Secondly, he said that he is arranging to meet with all sectors of the beef industry, but in particular breeding societies. He hopes to dicsuss the over-valuation of traditional breeds such as Salers and Blonde d'Aquitaine.

The Minister confirmed that by the end of 2010, the first of many reports, looking at prices and margins for the beef sector, will be complete. He says he hopes that this will identify the true value of beef, and ensure that producers are better paid.

Loic Gouello, Inspector General at the Ministry, was announced as a mediator to ensure the end of the crisis.

Mr Le Maire also welcomed the agreement reached in the local beef sector, which will see a constructive dialogue take place to solve issues present and arising in the sector.

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