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OIE Introduces New Online Technical Disease Cards

09 February 2010

FRANCE - The World Organisation for Animal Health has published technical cards on 33 important global diseases of livestock.

Collaboration among scientists from OIE Reference Laboratories around the world and other relevant experts has led to an updated compilation of 33 technical disease cards, including 32 OIE-listed priority diseases such as foot and mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, rift valley fever and bluetongue. The update was possible thanks to a much appreciated support from USDA-APHIS (USA).

The cards which are available online in English [click here] will also be translated into French and Spanish. They are mainly directed to a specialised scientific audience and as such represent OIE's constant effort for scientific excellence.

In the coming months, the OIE intends to publish an illustrated Atlas of Transboundary Animal Diseases, which will be based on the work already finalised and will be completed with a major addition of technical disease specific pictures.

In an attempt to make the information contained in some of the cards easily understandable also for a broader audience the OIE has furthermore published disease information on selected animal diseases, including zoonoses in a 'questions and answers' format, available online in three languages [click here].

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