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Cattle Movement Banned in Arua

21 October 2009

UGANDA - Arua district veterinary office has banned cattle movement in lower Madi, Rigbo sub-county, following an outbreak of cattle lung disease.

The veterinary officer, Gordon Toa, said the Contagious Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia was detected last week reports The New Vision.

A preliminary report on a postmortem done on animals that have died, showed signs of cough. “Similar signs of the disease were by Wednesday, noticed in six cows in Rhino Camp and 10 in Rigbo Camp,” said Mr Toa.

“It is believed the disease originated from the neighbouring sub-counties of Odravu in Yumbe district, Obongi in Moyo district and Oriama in Maracha-Terego district where the disease broke out last year,” he explained.

Mr Toa told The New Vision that the disease can hibernate for months in new cases. About 5,000 animals were vaccinated last year in Arua and Maracha-Terego against the disease.

Authorities at the sub-counties were urged to ensure animals do not mix freely with the infected ones. Tao said the infected animals would be ferried to slaughter houses, adding that the meat is not dangerous to human beings when consumed.

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