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Forage system is the key driver of mountain milk specificity
This study allowed to hierarchize the effects related to the origin on milk composition that can be considered...
New research: why cool cows provide more milk
With increasing global temperatures, dairy cattle face heat stress more frequently throughout the year than...
Survival to next parity is related to milk production and metabolism of cows in early lactation
Health and lifespan of cows is associated with the start of a lactation. Results of a recent study at Dairy...
Wearing Gloves on a Dairy Farm
Wearing gloves is a very simple management practice that could help to reduce milk quality issues and limit...
Mammary stem cells challenge costly bovine disease
Mastitis is the most expensive disease in the dairy industry. Each clinical case can cost a dairy farmer more...
What is Mastitis Costing You?
Mastitis costs dairy farms more than any other disease. Control clinical and subclinical infections to improve...



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