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Precision Agriculture by WELL-CALF
Funded by Innovate UK, this project aims to develop the first cloud-based decision support platform to serve...
What Do the Food Labels “Organic,” “Natural,” and “Non-GMO” Actually Mean?
A UConn Extension expert breaks down all those confusing food marketing labels...
‘Push-pull’ innovation helps female farmers in East Africa see crop, livestock, and income improvements
Since 2019, the amount of milk Mariam Bagune’s livestock produce has doubled. Ever since she began implementing...
Feedlots may be contributing to antibiotic resistance
From UNE's research feedlot, more evidence that antibiotic use in domestic animals may be limiting future...
Agtech expert recommends sensor focus for government's biosecurity strategy
A leading agriculture expert from CQUniversity Australia has urged government not to ignore digital technologies...
Biosecurity Considerations when Transitioning Newly Purchased Cattle into the Herd
The objective is to avoid new diseases introduced through replacement stock and airborne diseases....



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