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Genetically Modified Corn Does Not Damage Non-Target Organisms
The largest, highest quality analysis of data ever conducted reveals that genetically modified Bt corn has...
Plant-based diets can pose a risk to bone health if adequate calcium and vitamin D intakes are not ensured
In a study conducted at the University of Helsinki, partial replacement of animal protein with plant protein...
Health warnings can nudge consumers to eat less meat
Labelling indicating the health risks associated with red meat could help lower consumption, tests show....
Drinking water study shows beef cattle can tolerate high levels of sulphates
Scientists at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) have published a study that shows beef cattle can tolerate...
‘Push-pull’ innovation helps female farmers in East Africa see crop, livestock, and income improvements
Since 2019, the amount of milk Mariam Bagune’s livestock produce has doubled. Ever since she began implementing...
Are E. Coli Really Becoming More Heat Resistant?
The past few columns have talked about how antibiotic use contributes to antibiotic resistant bacteria. The...



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