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What is cow comfort?
Change management and mindset to design the environment for the cow, not the worker...
Is a Brisket Locator Really Necessary?
Properly positioned brisket locators provide correct resting space and minimize injury, writes Dan McFarland,...
Keeping cows cool: heat abatement on a budget
When trying to address heat abatement in a dairy there is always a budget....
Dairy calves use brushes for more than combing their hair
New research in the Journal of Dairy Science examines young cows’ use of brushes....
Equipment - Needed or Nice to Have?
For a cow-calf enterprise, the second largest expense after grazed and harvested feed is often overhead expenses...
Five key points to consider when selecting teat dip for your herd
Irrespective of the season, never underestimate the importance of good udder hygiene....



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