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Selecting an Optimum Breeding Season Length
Decisions in livestock production are never simple, but rather complex. Each decision or change in management...
Dairy cows fed a low-energy diet around dry-off show signs of hunger
Researchers from Aarhus University have studied to which extent the feed energy density affects dairy cows’...
Caring for first-calf heifers and calves
Each season of the year brings management considerations for the beef producer. For summer, two groups in...
Aussie beef science supports African farmers
Australia's world-leading beef knowledge is being taught to South Africa's smallholder cattle farmers in a...
Genome technology is blueprint to more productive herds
Genome technology has unlocked new cattle breeding methods which could improve fertility and lead to increases...
Gene-edited livestock ‘surrogate sires’ successfully made fertile
For the first time, scientists have created pigs, goats and cattle that can serve as viable “surrogate sires,”...



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