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U of O Research Examines Risks of BSE

22 May 2008

CANADA - It may be hard to believe that although bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or 'mad cow disease,' has cost the Canadian economy around $10 billion in lost trade and compensation, little is known about the disease.

Indeed, no solid numbers exist as to the human risk of exposure to this untreatable and fatal neurodegenerative disease. But this month, PrioNet Canada, a federally funded network that studies prion-based diseases like BSE, moved to change that by announcing $590,000 in funding for two related projects at the University of Ottawa.

The funding is part of an $8-million injection into 19 projects across the country examining prion diseases and their effects, and will fuel research conducted by U of O's Dr. Daniel Krewski and Dr. Michael Tyshenko.

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Source: Business Journal


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