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GeneThera Developing Marketing Plan for Mad Cow Testing

12 April 2007

US - GeneThera, Inc. announced today it is developing a comprehensive marketing program for its Mad Cow testing kit for use within the United States.

The marketing campaign will be designed to build brand awareness with the ranchers and slaughterhouses as well as reinforce the need for to test all cattle for Mad Cow. With The United States slaughtering approximately 35 million cattle per year, it could turn out to be a lucrative idea.

Dr Tony Milici, CEO of GeneThera, stated, "GeneThera intends to start Mad Cow Disease testing as soon as private companies will be allowed to do so. We believe that there will be a great demand by meatpackers for this kind of testing once any government restraints are removed. If meatpackers advertise their product as Mad Cow free, it should also be possible for the US beef industry to fully regain access to international markets such as Japan and Korea."

On March 29, 2007, a federal judge ruled that the federal government must allow meatpackers to test their animals for Mad Cow Disease. If a slaughterhouse or rancher is able to advertise its meat as tested and safe from Mad Cow it could essentially force the larger companies to test also.



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