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EU bureaucracy causing problems for livestock farmers

08 December 2006

UK - The bureaucracy of Brussels is causing problems for livestock farmers whose animals may be subject to conditions which prevent them being transported to an abattoir for slaughter.

NFU Scotland will be discussing a range of issues on Monday when it meets with the Food Standards Agency, which administers the rules, with the aim of seeking greater flexibility and a more common sense approach.

Until earlier this year there were two routes for cattle that were deemed unable to travel. Cattle aged under 30 months could be slaughtered on farm, subject to the availability of suitable facilities and certification by a vet.

Cattle aged over 30 months could also be slaughtered on farm following certification with the carcases then removed. NFUS claim both routes were in line with sound animal welfare practice and also kept a track on the possibility of BSE.

However, under the revised EU hygiene regulations animals can only be slaughtered on farm and enter the food chain if they have suffered an "accident". This ruling is causing problems with livestock suffering from minor ailments, such as blindness or some congenital defect.

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Source: The Herald


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