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16 June 2016
View news from United States Meat and Poultry Industry 'Essential to US Economy'
US - The US meat and poultry industry accounts for $1.02 trillion in total economic output or 5.6 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), according a new economic impact analysis conducted by John Dunham & Associates for the North American Meat Institute...
15 June 2016
View news from United States US Beef Exports Showing Positive Signs, Despite Lower April Volumes
US - April exports of US beef were below the volumes recorded a year ago but there are positive developments in play, according to statistics released by USDA and compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF), a contractor to the beef checkoff....
14 June 2016
View news from United States Analyst: Fastest US Cattle Expansion Since 1970s
ANALYSIS - Steve Meyer, VP at Express Markets Inc Analytics, shared his expectations for the beef and poultry markets at the 2016 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, USA....
13 June 2016
View news from United States Watch Out for Parasites and Pests in Wet Weather
US - Excessive rains in many parts of the state have Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts concerned about the possibility of increased parasite and pest activity with livestock....
10 June 2016
View news from United Kingdom What is the Role of Welfare in Livestock Production?
UK - Moves for a total ban on the use of antibiotics in the treatment of animals need to be reined back and vets need to be allowed to use all means available to ensure animal health and welfare....
09 June 2016
View news from United States Research Brings New Insight into Digital Dermatitis in Cattle
US - Iowa State University veterinarians have uncovered new insight into the development of a foot disease in cows that causes more lameness than any other malady....
08 June 2016
View news from Global International Beef Export Opportunities Slowly Open Up for Southern Africa
SOUTHERN AFRICA - Export markets for beef products from Southern Africa are slowly opening up in the European Union and other international markets such as Hong Kong despite earlier scares over foot and mouth diseases and a drought that has ravaged the...
07 June 2016
View news from United States Tips for Cattle Producers to Reduce Heat Stress in Hot Weather
ANALYSIS - As summer approaches, it's important for cattle producers to make plans to help reduce stress on cattle during hot weather, according to Nebraska Extension educator Rob Eirich, who directs the Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance programme....
06 June 2016
View news from Canada What Canadian Cattle Producers Need to Know About Antimicrobial Use
ANALYSIS - The effects would be huge to the cattle industry if antimicrobials were not available for use, said Bryan Thiessen, farm manager at Namaka Farms Incorporated in Canada....
03 June 2016
View news from Canada McDonald’s Concludes Sustainable Beef Pilot in Canada
CANADA - McDonald’s Canada has announced the successful conclusion of its Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot, an industry-first. ...
02 June 2016
View news from Russian Federation Russia Prepares to Extend Agri-Food Embargo Until End of 2017
RUSSIA - The Russian Agriculture Ministry has prepared a draft decree to extend its embargo on food products from a number of countries including the EU and US until the end of 2017....
01 June 2016
View news from United Kingdom New Blood Test Could Help Protect Cattle Against TB
UK - A new blood test to detect Mycobacteria in blood has been developed by a team at The University of Nottingham led by Dr Cath Rees, an expert in microbiology in the School of Biosciences and Dr Ben Swift from the School of Veterinary Medicine and...
31 May 2016
View news from Australia How Can You Tell if a Dairy Cow is Happy?
AUSTRALIA - According to Dr Xavier Manteca, University of Autonoma de Barcelona, who will be speaking at the Australian Veterinary Association’s (AVA) Annual Conference, dairy cattle welfare can be assessed using a range of methods....
27 May 2016
View news from Global Cattle Treated with Antibiotics Emit More Methane, Study Shows
GLOBAL - An international team of scientists have published a study that highlights how antibiotics given to cattle can have far-reaching effects on an ecosystem, according to the EU's CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service)....
26 May 2016
View news from Global Latest Bluetongue Outbreaks: France, Austria, Botswana
GLOBAL - Bluetongue outbreaks have continued to be reported in France recently, and a new outbreak has been reported in Austria....
25 May 2016
View news from Global Livestock’s Contributions to Climate Change: Facts and Fiction
ANALYSIS - As the November 2015 Global Climate Change Conference COP21 concluded in Paris, 196 countries reached agreement on the reduction of fossil fuel use and emissions in the production and consumption of energy, even to the extent of potentially...
24 May 2016
View news from Ireland Adding White Clover to Grass-Based Grazing Systems Increases Milk Production
IRELAND - Irish dairy farmers are finding renewed interest in white clover, says Michael Egan, a Teagasc researcher, writes Melanie Epp....
20 May 2016
View news from United States US Dairy, Beef Groups Voice Support for TPP Following Economics Report
US - A study by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) recently found that the US agriculture sector will increase output if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is passed....
19 May 2016
View news from United Kingdom Task Force to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture
UK - A review on antimicrobial resistance has been published today, identifying farming as one of the key areas to help halt this global issue....
18 May 2016
View news from United States Got Dairy? A Look at Dairy Consumption Trends
ANALYSIS - The local grocery store recently remodelled. The most obvious change was increased real estate in the dairy sections, specifically cheese and yoghurt. ...
17 May 2016
View news from Russian Federation Support for Russian Dairy to Boost Production and Stability
ANALYSIS - Milk production in Russia was stable last year reaching 30.78 million tonnes, while the cows’ milk yield rose by 6.9 per cent....
16 May 2016
View news from United Kingdom Report Calls for CAP Reform to Better Support Farmers in Volatile Times
UK - A call has been sent out to the European Commission by a UK House of Lords Committee reform the Common Agricultural Policy to primarily support the provision of public goods, such as increased food security, high animal welfare standards and stewardship...
13 May 2016
View news from United Kingdom Could Cattle Be Fed on Waste Paper?
COLOMBIA - A new project at the University of Colombia is looking at feeding waste paper to ruminants, as part of an effort to ensure availability of animal feed in times of poor weather....
12 May 2016
View news from United States New Research: Time to Switch Antibiotic Resistance Focus from Use to Environment
ANALYSIS - Scientists have discovered a “startling” lack of resistance genes in meat, and their new research suggests the need to switch focus from reducing antibiotic use to traffic from humans to animals, and back to humans via the environment....
11 May 2016
View news from United States How Are US Dairy Operations Impacting Water Quality?
ANALYSIS - The tremendous increase in productivity and efficiency in the US dairy industry has also come with an array of negative environmental impacts that are a major challenge from a sustainability perspective, reports Sarah Mikesell, live from the...
10 May 2016
View news from Canada Information Sharing Project Shows Potential Value for Canadian Beef Producers
CANADA - A recent Canadian project to share information from beef carcass data revealed that cattle from an elite breeding programmes were worth $219 a head more than average cattle, writes Angela Lovell....
09 May 2016
View news from Global Researchers Use CT Scans to Determine Carcass Composition
SPAIN - Researchers at the IRTA institute in Catalonia are using computerised tomography (CT) scans to determine fat, muscle, and bone composition in animals or their carcasses, in a move which could help the meat industry save time and money....
06 May 2016
View news from United States US Beef Exports Performing Well in Key Asian Markets
US - March 2016 exports of US beef increased year-over-year in volume, according to statistics released by USDA and compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff Programme....
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