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14 May 2008
View news from France Food Producers Unite Against Retail Domination
FRANCE - A seven-strong alliance of French food production industry bodies is opposing proposed legislation that would remove such protection as the current law affords from unreasonable retailer demands....
05 May 2008
View news from France French Abatoirs Deemed Scandalous
FRANCE - It has been reported that almost half of the slaughterhouses in France fail to conform to European standards of hygiene, as per a memorandum from the Directorate General of Food (DGAL)....
02 April 2008
View news from France French Farming Dialogue
FRANCE - The French farm minister Michel Barnier is encouraging fellow citizens to discuss where their food comes from on a new Website parlons agricuture. ...
17 March 2008
View news from France Taking the Raw Out of Camembert
FRANCE - Claims have been made, by a leading France-based cheese manufacturer, that one day soon camembert producers will be forced to stop using raw milk in in the manufacturing process due to potential health concerns....
10 March 2008
View news from France French Debate National Animal Welfare
FRANCE - French farm minister Michel Barnier has nominated three working group chairmen for France's national animal welfare plan Animals et société. ...
07 March 2008
View news from France Fewer Than 300 Traditional Vets in France
FRANCE - The shortage of vets is a European problem, but France has a very specific set of problems. Like every other French professional body, the Ordre des Veterinaires (OV), sets a quota for the number of students that can go forward for training....
05 March 2008
View news from France Intervet to Supply France With Minimum of 27 Million Doses of Bluetongue Vaccine
FRANCE - Intervet is working intensively to supply the Bovilis BTV 8 vaccine to France as soon as possible, to support the French government and farming sector in its fight against this devastating disease. ...
15 February 2008
View news from France French Start Bluetongue Vaccination Programme
FRANCE - The French government is to launch a bluetongue vaccination programme across the country and institute aid measures to help farmers affected by the disease....
30 January 2008
View news from France Fench Cattle Numbers Follow Downward Trend
FRANCE - French cattle slaughtering figures for calendar 2007 finished the year at just over 5 million head, just over 40,000 head fewer than 2006, according to the French national agricultural statistics agency Agreste. It is not difficult to detect...
29 November 2007
View news from France Bluetongue Spreads in France
Five new outbreaks of bluetongue disease have been reported in France....
View news from France Consume More or Import Less
Consume more or import less is the dilemma facing the European beef industry, according to the French Institute of Animal Husbandry (Institut de l'Elevage)....
26 November 2007
View news from France French Cattle Breeders Call for FMD Compensation Plan
French cattle and sheep farmers have hit out at the European authorities for failing to tackle the threat from a foot and mouth disease epidemic....
29 September 2007
View news from France France 'fighting bluetongue outbreak'
FRANCE - France is fighting an outbreak of the livestock virus bluetongue disease, and there have been 2,246 cases, the French Agriculture Ministry said....
21 September 2007
View news from France New outbreaks of Bluetongue sheep virus in France, restricted zone widened
PARIS - The Bluetongue virus, which primarily affects sheep, is spreading across France with a total of 36 recorded cases, and the area in which the movement of live ruminants is restricted has been extended to cover 17 regional departments, announced...
05 August 2007
View news from France France takes preventive measures over foot-and-mouth disease
FRANCE - The French Ministry of Agriculture announced a series of precautionary measures Saturday to prevent the foot-and-mouth disease from entering the country after reports of an outbreak in England were confirmed reports Xinhua....
22 January 2007
View news from France OIE update on Bluetongue In France
FRANCE - The OIE have released update No 4 on Bluetongue in France...
20 September 2006
View news from France Mad-cow protein is degraded by soil
FRANCE - The rogue prion protein that causes mad-cow disease is degraded by prolonged exposure to the soil, according to French research that may close off a path of exploration as to why cattle still fall sick with this disorder. Scientists are eager...
18 September 2006
View news from France Case of mad cow disease found in France
FRANCE - A cow in central France has tested positive for mad cow disease, the country's fifth detected case this year, local authorities said. The 12-year old dairy cow from the central-eastern Bourgogne region was put down in August after developing...
25 July 2005
View news from France New case of mad cow disease detected in France
FRANCE - One new case of mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy(BSE), was announced Friday in central France. The infected cow is a Charolais, born in 1995 in a herd of the French Vienne department. It is the eighth BSE cases detected...
06 April 2005
View news from France France announces two more cases of human mad-cow disease
FRANCE - A French government health watchdog announced Tuesday that two more people have been diagnosed with the human form of mad-cow disease bringing the national tally to 11. In an attempt to preempt any public concern over the issue, the Institute...
02 February 2005
View news from France EU food agency to explore 'mad goat' risk
FRANCE - Current science finds no link between goat meat and meat product consumption and variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (vCJD). But a group of experts calls for new research, to fully understand the risk this meat may pose to the food chain, and...
31 January 2005
View news from France France comfirms "mad cow" disease in goat
FRANCE - French Agriculture Ministry confirmed Friday the first case of "mad cow" disease detected in a goat. The goat slaughtered in 2002 has tested positive for "mad cow" disease. It is the first case in the world of the fatal bovine spongiform encephalopathy...
29 January 2005
View news from France First goat found with mad-cow disease
FRANCE - A French goat has become the first to test positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, also known as mad-cow disease, the European Union said. The results were announced Friday after more than two years of testing the remains of the goat....
01 November 2004
View news from France UK experts test for BSE in goats
FRANCE - British scientists have been asked to confirm the presence of "mad cow disease" in a French goat. If accepted this would be the first time bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) has been naturally transmitted to another species. Source: BBC...
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