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24 March 2017
View news from China Major Interest in US Beef Shown at Shanghai Food Show
CHINA - Offering Chinese traders and HRI managers samples of US pork loin, brisket and boneless butt, USMEF was able to demonstrate the products’ quality and versatility at the Food and Hotel China (FHC) Shanghai Food Show....
20 March 2017
View news from China Shanghai Tightens Food Safety Regulations
CHINA - A new food safety regulation, said to be the most stringent ever enacted, will take effect in Shanghai on Monday....
17 March 2017
View news from China Focus on Basics Critical to China's Dairy Industry
CHINA - The year 2020 is critical to the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20), as China's leadership has pledged to build an all-round well-off society by then. Almost every industry has its own individual (as well as collective) five-year plan with specific...
16 March 2017
View news from China China's Quality of Agricultural Products to Improve
CHINA - The Ministry of Agriculture has published a five-year plan to improve the quality of agricultural products, including measures to ensure that products such as apples, tea and pork can be traced back to their producers....
13 March 2017
View news from China Chinese Chefs Learning to Use Milk-based Products
CHINA - While commonplace in Western diets, cream, cheese and butter are seldom used in commercial Chinese kitchens. Dairy exporters are working to change that....
10 March 2017
View news from China Proposal to Help China Reach Green Agriculture Goal
CHINA - Leaders from 300 agricultural companies have gathered in Beijing Wednesday to sign a proposal, promising to optimize their production processes and work together to realize China's goal of green agriculture....
09 March 2017
View news from China Campaigns Target Farm Pollution, Waste
CHINA - Targeted campaigns will be launched to curb pollution and animal waste on livestock and poultry farms as well as the excessive use of fertilizers in the horticultural sector in an attempt to bolster the environment in rural areas, the minister...
07 March 2017
View news from China China's Dairy Sector Scales New Heights, Minister Says
CHINA - The dairy sector has reached new heights with the development of large-scale farms and use of machinery after the 2008 milk scandal, Agriculture Minister Han Changfu said on Sunday....
03 March 2017
View news from China China Sets Stronger Steps on Safety of Food
CHINA - China still faces severe challenges to ensure food safety, despite improvements in recent years, and authorities will maintain a zero-tolerance attitude toward violations of laws, the national food safety watchdog said....
21 February 2017
View news from China First Shipment of Australian Beef Cattle Arrives in East China
CHINA - A total of 1,195 head of live beef cattle arrived in east China's Shandong Province Monday, the first batch of imported sea-borne beef cattle to the country....
20 February 2017
View news from China China's Online Sales of Farm Produce Up in 2016
CHINA - Online sales of China's farm produce continued to grow in 2016 as more farmers take to e-commerce....
14 February 2017
View news from China China Reports Decrease in Beef Price
CHINA - Food prices in China fell slightly last week, due to cheaper vegetables, meat and eggs, the Ministry of Commerce said Monday....
01 February 2017
View news from China Chinese University Develops 'TB-resistant' Cattle
CHINA - Scientists in China say they have produced cloned cattle with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis....
18 January 2017
View news from China Additives, Contamination China's Top Food Concerns
CHINA - Overuse of food additives and microbial contamination were the primary food safety problems facing China last year, according to the top food authority....
12 January 2017
View news from China China to Expand Corn Ethanol Amid Grain Surplus
CHINA - China will further encourage the use of corn to make ethanol this year amid efforts to reduce its huge grain stocks, as authorities mull adjustments to the floor prices for wheat and rice this year....
06 January 2017
View news from China Mengniu Hikes Stake in Modern Dairy
CHINA - China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd saw its shares surge almost 10 per cent on Thursday, after China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd announced an offer to buy it out in order to guarantee its stable supply of raw milk....
05 January 2017
View news from China Mengniu Pays HK$6.92 Billion to Buy out China’s Largest Dairy Herd
CHINA - Mengniu Dairy, the country’s second-largest dairy producer, said it will pay a 3 per cent premium to market price to buy out an associate that controls China’s largest cattle herd, solidifying its grip on milk supplies amid an intensifying...
04 January 2017
View news from China China President Insists on 'Strictest' Controls in Food Safety
CHINA - China's top leadership called for "the strictest" measures to ensure food safety despite improvements in recent years....
03 January 2017
View news from China Dairy Firms Shift to Healthy Products to Face Margin Products
CHINA - Some Chinese dairy producers have seen gross profit margins of their infant formula milk powder products continue to decline due to the impact of foreign brands, high costs and inventory pressures. So, more producers are trying to target healthy...
28 December 2016
View news from China China to Improve Farmers' Income, Agricultural Product Quality
CHINA - A central rural work conference has stressed the need for better quality and efficiency in agriculture, focused on farmers' incomes and produce quality....
23 December 2016
View news from China China Champion of Free Trade Since Joining WTO, Says Expert
CHINA - China has become a champion of free trade, boosting the global exchange of goods and services since joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) 15 years ago, an Argentine expert in international law has said....
13 December 2016
View news from China Anchor Launches New Range of Premium Milk Products in China
CHINA - At its Annual General Meeting last week, Fonterra announced the launch of a new range of premium Anchor products in China, in response to the ongoing growth in demand for safe, high-quality dairy nutrition....
23 November 2016
View news from China UK Takes Steps to Open Chinese Beef Market
UK - British beef producers are a step closer to exporting their high-quality meat to China, following a vote of confidence from inspectors, levy board AHDB Beef and Lamb has reported....
09 November 2016
View news from China China Dairy Imports Rise Despite Demand Faltering
CHINA - China imported nearly 20 per cent more whole milk powder this January-September than it did last year, totalling around 342k tonnes, according to UK levy board AHDB Dairy....
18 August 2016
View news from China Chinese Dairy Industry Recovering from Scandals, Report Suggests
CHINA - Following eight years of tightened regulation and an industry overhaul, Chinese dairy products are emerging from the shadow cast by high-profile safety scandals, according to a report released by the Dairy Association of China (DAC)....
03 August 2016
View news from China Milk Powder Demand Fragile in China
CHINA - China’s dairy imports showed some positive signs in the first half of the year, with Whole Milk Powder (WMP) volumes increasing by 24 per cent compared to 2015, reported UK levy board AHDB Dairy....
22 June 2016
View news from China Friesland Campina Aims to Expand Dairy Sales in China
CHINA - Dutch dairy business Friesland Campina is planning to expand operations in China, including traditional and online markets in both cities and rural areas....
08 June 2016
View news from China China Lifts Ban on Bovine, Ovine Products from Denmark, France, Germany and UK
CHINA - China has confirmed that it is lifting its import ban introduced four years ago on bovine & ovine genetic material from Denmark, France, Germany and United Kingdom due to Schmallenberg virus....
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