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EU to Scrap Levy on Botswana Beef

04 February 2008

BOTSWANA - Government revenues from Botswana's beef exports to Europe are likely to go up as the interim deal signed between Botswana and other SADC countries and the European Union come into force on New Year's Day.

Under the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) signed recently, the eight percent levied on Botswana beef entering the EU under the Cotonou Agreement will be lifted.

Under the new deal, which is compatible with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rule of non-discrimination, the Minister of Trade and Industry Neo Moroka says the eight percent "will disappear".

Under the existing Cotonou trade provisions, Botswana benefits from a beef protocol that grants it a tariff quota of 18,916 tonnes per year with a 92 percent reduction in customs duties.

But with the interim EPA offer, it is argued that Botswana will enhance market access for its beef significantly as it will be able to export unlimited quantities duty free.

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